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January 2011

335-Kadiar Gold Project

2nd Phase drill core samples from Zones A, B and E were collected with 2 m intervals and shifted to ALS Chemex Laboratory for Gold and base multi-element analysis by AAS and ICP-MS techniques.


Rock chip samples collected from Kadiar trenches being prepared for laboratory chemical analysis to test Gold and multi-elements geochemistry.

336-Bounaga REE Project


A diamond drilling program to test Guelb zellaga deposit has prepared and exploration crew will be mobilized in January 2011 to the field.


December 2010

335-Kadiar Gold Project

Zone C drilling in 2nd Phase was successfully completed. All the drill cores in Zones A, B, C and E were sawn.  Detailed logging and sampling program is under way.


The trenching program around Kadiar area was achieved by completion of 42 trenches to demarcate the Gossan boundary. 


November 2010

335-Kadiar Gold Project

2nd Phase Diamond drilling program is in progress. Exploration crew mobilized to Zone C after completion of Zone A, B and E drilling.


A trenching program was started in Kadiar (Zone A) to delineate the mineralization and to demarcate Gold & Poly-metallic bearing gossans.

October 2010

New Permits
According to the geological studies that have been done by PMMT’s team, the extent of tree new Gold and copper potential permits located in southern border of 335 Gold Project permit were reduced to 2117 km2. All those three permits are within the highly mineralized West African Mauritanides belt


September 2010

335-Kadiar Gold Project
477 m of NQ size drill cores were sawn at PMMT’s work shop.  Significant core recovery of more than 90 % was resulted in all boreholes. Detailed core logging indicates disseminated pyrites in sulphide rich formation associated with quarts veins.

336-Bounaga REE Project

German Consultancy Company has been approved to visit Bounaga REE project area to assess the exploration work and evaluate all available data with conformity to Canadian standard NI 43-101.


August 2010

335-Kadiar Gold Project
50% from 2nd phase drilling program was completed to test conductive 3D models intrepreted from VTEM airborne Electromagnetic survey by Geotech.

A trenching program have been planned to delineate the boundary of Kadiar Gossan bands and its extension concurrently with2nd phase drilling program.

336-Bounaga REE Project

The whole trenching program over REE bearing veins were accomplished. Geochemical analysis results received from ALS Chemex show significant amount of Y,La, Ce, Nd, Zr and Ba as greater than 10,000 g/t. The results of Dy, Er, Gd, Ho, Nb, Nd, Pr, Sm, Th and Yb were also more than 1,000 g/t.


July 2010

335-Kadiar Gold Project
Drill cores in 2nd phase drilling program show noteworthy Gold bearing formations (Quarts-Chlorite-Graphite-Pyrites-Schist) from 35 m to 152 m below.

336-Bounaga REE Project
Preparation of a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) on Rare Earth Elements found in REE bearing veins and Guelb Zellaga deposit are now in progress. Resource estimation drilling over Guelb Zellaga deposit has been planned to start in next quarter.


June 2010

335-Kadiar Gold Project
Second phase NWL diamond drilling started with KMC 10 wire-line rig. Drilling progress is more efficient and expects to complete 3000 m diamond core drilling within coming months.

336-Bounaga REE Project
Final field mission in 2nd phase trenching program was successfully completed. All the rock samples collected from each veins were pulverized and prepared for sending to the ALS Chemix Laboratory for multi element analysis.


May 2010

335-Kadiar Gold Project-

Second phase phase drilling program have planned to carry out with 3000 m diamond core drilling  in most promising sectors 1 and 6 out of seven sectors in Zone A.


336-Bounaga REE Project-

Rock samples collected from each veins in the second phase trenching program were pulverized and prepared for sending to the SGS laboratory for chemical analysis. Third phase trenching will be started on 3rd week and expect to complete at the next month.


336-Gold Project-

Fire assay Gold results for 1025 soil and rock samples collected from regional geochemical survey was received from SGS Laboratory. Interesting Gold anomalies were observed and those will be interpreted together with re-sampling program planning once Multi-element ICP analysis results are available.

April 2010

336-Bounaga REE Project-

Second phase trenching program was completed by making 190 trenches. Up to date, a total vein length of more than 10,000 m was defined with 257 completed trenches.

A new wire-line (CDR 100) drill machine was assembled and a pilot drilling test have been planned to carry out at Bounaga REE project area in next month.

March 2010

336-Bounaga REE Project-

In the 1st phase trenching mission, 67 trenches were completed to define rare earth bearing veins which extends to a total length of more than 3000 m. Extensive trenching work is in progress in the 2nd phase trenching program. Diamond Drill core samples from first phase drilling were sent to SGS Laboratory and expecting for the results.


336-Bounaga Gold Project-

First phase geochemical sampling survey was performed by collecting more than 1000 soil and rock samples from different gold promising mineralized zones. Sieved samples have already been dispatched to SGS Laboratory for geo chemical analysis and waiting for the results with positive confidence.


February 2010

Drilling development
A new wire-line rig (CDR 100) having a capacity up to 250 m deep drilling is being assembling by our team in the drilling department. This will enhance the progress of exploration target drilling together with the existing KMC10 and  and MGJ-50 drilling machines


January 2010

336-Bounaga REE Project
Trenching programs to cover 67 REE rich veins with a length of about 36 km have been planned. A field visit will be arranged this month and expect to complete the program within 2 months.

335-Kadiar Gold Project
A 1:50,000 geological map was finalized and quality map was produced to cover 1482 km2 of extended property. This important map contain all the lithological units, structural geological features, hydrogeology, existing mineral occurrences, new mineral occurrences, geo-physically delineated lineaments-faults, road network and communities.



December 2009

336-Bounaga REE Project-
First phase diamond core drilling program was prepared to test 200 m total drilling by five bore holes. Drilling targets were defined as per the previous geochemical assessment data, surface mineralization and radiometric survey that covered 196 km2 from the Bounaga project area.

November 2009

337 Gold project
A test drilling campaign having 10 diamond drill holes was set out after interpretation of tactic and regional geochemical survey analysis results and mineralized quarts structure on which a gold anomaly of 1.2 g/t was resulted from surface geochemistry.

October 2009

337 Gold Project-
Gold and multi element analysis results of surface geochemical samples were received. A re-sampling survey for zone A was undertook at the place where seven gold rich sub-zones was interpreted from geochemical survey results. Geology of this area is composed of long bands of quartzite with mica, pyrite sub stratified and some quartz veins intercalated in Metabasic faces all of which are known to contain gold potential.


336- Bounga REE project-
The final interpretation report on mobile ground Gamma ray spectrometric survey was received by Abitibi Geophysics,Canada.
The most promising nine target locations have been recommended including Guelbs Zellaga where strongest radiometric anomalies with concentration values reaching 24,742 ppm eTh and 340% K, recorded in assay scan mode with 30 seconds count times. Most of the interpreted anomalies are believed to have REE-Y-Th-F-Ba mineralized veins.

August 2009

335 Kadiar Gold Project-
The drilling department has decided to speed up the drilling program by introducing RC drilling together with diamond core drilling. RC drilling at Zone A in the Kadiar project is currently in progress.

337 Gold Project-
Regional sampling by collecting 4028 samples with 500 m x 100 m set grid was fulfilled over the gold promising regional structure which falls in the centre of the main project area of 1462 km2 extent. Field sieved samples were dispatched to ALS laboratory for multi-element and gold analysis.


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